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Bad news:

Dig Deeper, Fly Higher is currently closed for enrollment.

Good news:

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  • Why fear is the most important part of your spiritual growth
  • How to get over your fear of “not being good enough”
  • A simple technique to get out of fear when it stops you in your tracks
  • How to get over your fear of making the “wrong choice”

DDFH LogoDig Deeper, Fly Higher is a 12-week online course designed to help you master your fears, create a deep connection with your intuition, and develop true self-confidence. This course will walk you through the five most common ways that fear shows up in your life and it will give you spiritual and practical tools to bust through those fears and become a master of them.


Straight from the hearts of a few clients…


“Heather gave me more than spiritual coaching – she gave me freedom, and the ability to create a new self-image and identity I had been hiding.”
– Royce


“I felt that I could barely face tomorrow and this coming from someone who is actively working in the field of mental health. I was stuck, but giving up was not an option. She gave me the tools and guidance to find inner peace. You will be amazed! She is a wonderful, gifted teacher who can help you change your life!” – Mamta


“Working with Heather has been eye opening, humbling, inspiring, freeing and, honestly, completely life changing.” – Liz



Be the first to know when DDFH doors open again!